Rösler Slyngrens

RMT Trommel Blasting

Verdensledende innen overflatebehandling

RMT Trommel Blasting

Multi-Tumbler Blast Cleaning Machine

Blast cleaning and shot peening batchesof small- to mid-sized (2,5 to 600 mm) parts with no pinch points!


  • Our unique rotary barrel design creates a 3-dimensional tumbling action to produce optimal blast coverage.
  • Multi-tumbler (MT) machines have no pinch points, making them superior to conventional tumblast machines.
  • The MT‘s simple design has very few moving parts, ensuring maximum uptime and reduced maintenance costs.
  • The modular construction guarantees easy access and replacement of wear parts for simple and efficient maintenance.
  • The MT‘s rotary barrel is made of highly wear-resistant manganese steel.
  • These heavy-duty systems are made to support capacities from 80 to 1.200 litres.

Rösler‘s wide range of available blast turbines range in drive power from 7,5 to 37 kW.

Automation of the MT is easy with a wide range of optional features, including loading and unloading equipment, abrasive adding systems, and media classification options.