Rösler Slyngrens

Preservation Lines

Verdensledende innen overflatebehandling

Preservation Lines

Painting and shot blasting systems from one single source

Thru-feed blast/preservation/paint installations:

A complete blasting and painting line consisting of individually adapted conveyor systems, a pre-heater, shotblasting machine, paint booth, and a post treatment dryer. Conveyor systems can be chosen according to individual requirements, together with roller conveyors, traveling grates, and cross transfer lines, etc. A gas-fired pre-heater unit allows the treatment of wet or even ice-covered material from outside storage. The paint layer produced in the paint booth will be dried in line by the post dryer unit,  allowing the handling of the components immediately upon exit for further treatment steps. To reduce energy costs, the final drying process uses waste heat energy from the pre-heater.