Löwer Swing Grinder

Löwer Swing Grinder

Quick and easy deburring and rounding.
Up to now there were basically two methods for deburring CNC cut sheet metal: either manually with power tools or using expensive through-feed machines. The SwingGrinder offers a new solution. Deburring and edge rounding with the SwingGrinder is quicker than working manually with power tools. The investment and operating costs, however, are much lower compared to expensive through-feed machines.

The grinding head with two rotating disc tools is mounted to a swinging arm equipped with a weight compensation device. The unit is guided easily over the workpiece. The grinding pressure is applied manually from above. The inside and outside edges of the workpiece are processed from all angles and directions. The grinding head is tiltable 180° allowing a speedy change from the deburring disc to the rounding disc and back.